Accell Sets Standard for Euro Zone Price Increase

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Accell Netherland’s announcement late March to increase the price of bicycles by 5 percent was soon followed to the next big player on the Dutch market, Gazelle.

Accell Sets Standard for Euro Zone Price Increase
It is expected that after Accell Netherland and Gazelle more European manufacturers and distributors will soon increase their model year prices or have already done so. – Photo Bike Europe

“The component’s purchase prices have increased substantially, due to the strong depreciation of the euro against the US dollar,” says Gazelle in a statement last Friday on the rising recommended retail prices. The increases will differ per model, but on average it results in a 5 percent rise.

Gazelle reports that as a result of the rising costs of components the company has to change the recommend retail price of bicycles and components of the current range as of 10 April 2015. Only the price of e-bike batteries will remain the same. Gazelle’s choice to implement the price increases on April 10 allows dealers to finalize running orders and to adjust the product pricing in the shops.

No surprise

The price adjustments did not come as a surprise as it was a much discussed topic at the Taipei Cycle Show three weeks ago. The question was not if, but how much prices for model year 2015 bikes and bike products would increase. Late March Accell Group was the first to raise its prices. It is expected that like Accell and Gazelle more European brands and distributors will follow soon or have already increased their prices.

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