Wheelsmfg Europe: Large Variety of High End Bike Parts

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In 2016 Wheels Manufacturing Inc. established a sales company Wheelsmfg Europe BV together with Peter Rietema, owner of Vlinstein BV. In autumn of 2016 the warehouse has been stocked up and now we are looking for distributors (wholesalers) all over Europe.

Wheelsmfg Europe: Large Variety of High End Bike Parts
Bottom bracket.

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Wheels carries a large variety of high end bike parts: a quality range for shops and distributors and a must have for serious bikers.

Wheels Manufacturing is one of the world’s largest suppliers of high-quality bicycle derailleur hangers, bottom brackets, small parts, repair parts, and speciality tools. Wheels started in 1988 in Boulder, Colorado as a small machine shop producing cog tools and chain ring spacers. It quickly expanded into a large-scale manufacturing facility producing a full line of small parts totalling over 1000 products. Wheels is now located in Louisville, Colorado, about 10 miles from their original location.

Demands of today’s cyclists

At Wheels we strive to meet the demands of today’s cyclists and service centres. Wheels Manufacturing employs dedicated cyclists in its facility, capable to tackle any technical questions that might arise during any repair or the production.

Wheels offers an extensive range of equipment, including CNC machines and lathes, as well as a large array of manual tools. All Wheels products are made to match exact tolerances with the highest quality materials.

Modern warehouse

The modern warehouse of Wheelsmfg Europe BV is located in the Netherlands. The high quality bike parts are transported by air directly from Wheels Manufacturing. In past months we invested in a stock and trained our staff in the details of these quality products as demands in European are different than in the rest of the world. Europe has a cycling culture. Wheels Europe has the knowledge of this European market.

We are looking for distributors in Europe who are willing and capable to sell the product range of Wheels with the correct service attitude towards their customers.

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