Tannus Airless tires keep ten steps ahead leaving copycats behind

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Tannus Tires is the world’s leading brand of airless tires. Made from their patented Aither technology, a multi-cell polymer foam, Tannus tires replace the traditional inner tube and tire with a single airless tire that is 100% puncture-proof.

Tannus Airless tires keep ten steps ahead leaving copycats behind
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Since its early development in 2004, Tannus engineers have been perfecting the technology that now boasts a spec that matches even the best pneumatic tires on the market. “The goal was to create a tire that felt and performed like a pneumatic tyre, yet had the unique advantage of being 100% puncture-proof.”

Naturally, there have been numerous attempts to replicate the Aither technology, including many of the largest tire brands in the world and Chinese manufacturers, who have all sought to break the airless market, seen by many as the future of cycling. “Airless tires allow riders to do so much more than pneumatic tires. Giving cyclists the confidence to ride harder, faster and further without the fear of having to stop to for a puncture is something the cycling world has not seen before”.

Now recognised globally, Tannus has over half a million people riding their airless tires. From Commonwealth gold medal winning athletes, triathletes and iron men to everyday city commuters.

Grip and durability

The Aither technology offers unparalleled grip and durability. So much so that Tannus guarantee their tires for 9000km with only 1.5mm of wear – an impressive lifespan and almost double that of the average pneumatic tire. Due to the unique makeup of the material, it is in fact the Aither itself that provides the grip and not the tread as with pneumatic tires. This means that the Tannus tires will continue to grip, even as the tread pattern wears.


Whilst you might be forgiven for thinking the lack of air and durable nature would result in a heavier tire, Tannus have once again surprised us. They state that on average their tires are in fact lighter than most tire + inner tube combinations. As a direct comparison to the nearest “puncture-proof” pneumatic tire, the popular 700 x 25C Schwalbe Marathon Plus, the Tannus 700 x 25C weighs in 175 grams lighter.

Patented pin-locking system

Tannus tires will fit to any clincher rim via a unique pin-locking system, in which small pins (included with the tire alongside an installation tool) are inserted into the tire and clip under the inside rim of the wheel. This system is has been approved by the highest standard of TUV testing.

Is airless the future?

To many, Tannus airless tires are the future of cycling. Specialized bikes were the first major global brand to fit Tannus tires as standard to their Alibi range. “To be 3 days ride from the nearest town, yet still have the confidence to push myself and my bike harder, in the knowledge that I’m not going to get a puncture is totally revolutionary.” Tannus have not just created an airless tire that feels and performs like a pneumatic, they have reinvented the wheel.

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