Schwalbe Pro One Brings More Suppleness

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Schwalbe Pro One Brings More Suppleness
“The goal was to develop a fast, light-weight and safe tire.” – Photo Schwalbe

REICHSHOF, Germany – Schwalbe’s new Pro One comes with more than the regular grip and safety. The tyre manufacturer developed a top road tire from scratch that offers a remarkable feature: it is very supple. The new tyre will be available in tubeless, TT and tube type versions.

“The goal was to develop a fast, light-weight and safe tire, which at the same time offers maximum flexibility,” explains Peter Krischio, Schwalbe Product Manager Race. “In order to realize these characteristics, we have constructed a completely new carcass, optimized its compounds and further modernized many aspects of the manufacturing process. Therefore, the new Schwalbe Pro One is not a successor of the previous generation, but an entirely new concept.”

The new turn-up construction integrates Tubeless Easy technology. Two carcass layers underneath the tread make the tire smooth, comfortable and puncture-resistant, while three lateral carcass layers ensure high cut-resistance.

Composition of the Addix compound

The belt is made of a specifically developed high-tech polymer fiber that is also used for bullet-proof and stab-resistant vests. It provides excellent protection from cuts and punctures, and at the same time, it is extremely light-weight. Neither rolling resistance nor suppleness of the tire are compromised by the V-guard belt.

The well-known Addix Race Compound comes with a completely new composition. As silica filler contents were increased significantly, the mixing process also had to be finetuned. Various specific blends are used for the centre and sides respectively. This increases the grip during cornering, without compromising rolling resistance or durability.

In order to achieve consistently high quality, Schwalbe has invested, once more, in innovative machinery and staff training. The greatest precision and tightest production tolerances are essential for quick and easy tire installation, particularly with tubeless tires. The fully automated compound mixing station controls the mixing ratio in real time, while the new extruders ensure a consistent tread thickness, and thus, effectively prevent weight fluctuations. Tire assembly is still a job that requires highly skilled, manual labour. Experienced specialists work with new, semi-automated tire assembly machines.

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