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15 Brands to Offer E-Bikes with NuVinci Drivetrain

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Fallbrook Technologies Inc. announced that its NuVinci Harmony intelligent drivetrain will come as standard equipment on e-bike models offered by Feldmeier, Gepida, Göricke, Hercules, Kalkhoff, KTM, Moustache, Panther, Raleigh, Riese & Müller and Stevens.

15 Brands to Offer E-Bikes with NuVinci Drivetrain
NuVinci Drivetrain

“NuVinci Harmony-equipped models will now begin rolling into bicycle retailers”, said Jack Brandsen, Fallbrook’s Director of Sales and Business Development in Europe. “With the addition of these new brands, we now come standard on a total of 15 e-Bike brands in Europe.”

“Introduced in 2011, the NuVinci Harmony drivetrain is an innovative shifting system leveraging the unique benefits of the NuVinci N360™ continuously variable (CVP) drivetrain, which can seamlessly shift through an infinite number of effective drive ratios within its wide 360 percent range – creating a riding experience second to none.”

The NuVinci CVP is now offered on more than 70 international bicycle brands encompassing upwards of 200 models. The intuitive Harmony system is designed specifically for the fast growing and advancing e-Bike market worldwide. NuVinci Harmony-equipped e-Bike models were first offered by Pegasus, Simpel, TDR and Zemo. At last year’s Eurobike, TDR won the iF Design/Eurobike Gold Award for its FloxX e-bike featuring NuVinci Harmony.

“The potential multiple benefits for e-Bikes of the NuVinciHarmony intelligent drivetrain – powertrain performance, durability, battery life and rider comfort – are becoming very well understood by our partners,” said Jack Brandsen.

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