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Boxer Hydraulic Rim Brake

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The Taiwanese company Alhonga Brake Systems developed the all new Boxer hydraulic rim brake. The forged body of the brake is very stable and durable. The parallel movement design of the box brake enhances the performance with a stable and powerful gripping.

Boxer Hydraulic Rim Brake
Alhonga Brake Systems Boxer Hydraulic Rim Brake

The Boxer hydraulic rim brake has an easy to use pad adjuster providing the most appropriate brake distance between pad and rim. Thanks to the parallel movement design, the pads will touch the rim evenly when braking. This will benefit the life cycle of the pads as the wear will be more evenly.

The open construction design guarantees that the braking heat will be kept out of the cylinder and keep the oil in a good condition.

The Boxer hydraulic rim is compatible will all rim brake systems on the market.

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