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Dutch Bicycle Market Stabilizing

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – After a dramatic spring in the Netherlands with a 38% drop in units, bicycle sales in June stabilized a little bit but still decreased by 7% in units and 3 % in revenues. The average price went down by 5% compared to June 2011.

Dutch Bicycle Market Stabilizing
Dutch Bicycle Market

Contrary to April and May, IBD retailer performance was much better than the overall market. The IBD market declined by 3% in units only and 2% in turnover, while the average price went down by 2%.

“Back to school” campaign
The DYI stores and supermarkets were still faced with dwindling sales in June as they sold 20% less bicycles related to June 2011. Last year they were very successful with their “back to school” campaign so it remains to be seen whether the decline is structural or temporarily.

E-bike sales were excellent again in June with a growth of 13% in volume and 7% in turnover.  The average price of e-bikes is no longer increasing. The popularization of the e-bike comes with a growing number of suppliers which puts some pressure on prices, but the volumes are still good.

Results first half 2012
The first half of 2012 has not been very positive for the bicycle industry and retail in the Netherlands, to say the least. Looking at the total market the overall decline in units is 20% and in turnover 24% compared to the first half year of 2011. These numbers account only for the sale of (electric) bicycles; they do not include P&A sales.

The big drop is mainly the result of bad spring and early summer weather. However, the bad economic situation in the Netherlands has also influenced sales. All retail sectors in Holland have been suffering while the bicycle retail is relatively still in a good position.

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