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Euro Crisis Doesn’t Seem To Affect Eurobike 2012

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Will it be business as usual at the 2012 Eurobike show; or are we all dancing on a vulcano due to the euro crisis? Will price increases be the predominant issue at all business meetings? Is ordering to take place at a reasonable level or are distribution channels clogged up? Never before in the twenty Eurobike years was business this unpredictable. Or will electric bikes come to the rescue?

Euro Crisis Doesn’t Seem To Affect Eurobike 2012

One thing is sure before Eurobike 2012 opens its doors tomorrow; the euro crisis doesn’t seem to affect the worls’s biggest bike show at all. OK, Trek is not there as the biggest bike supplier of the US has chosen for a stand alone show which was held last July. But in return there are some big new names like Samsung, Mando or AEG.

Positive impact on Eurobike
Of course the e-bike trend is attracting newcomers while it is also spurring the business of renowned brand names and with that having a positive impact on Eurobike. But it is not only the e-bike trend that makes Eurobike 2012 to break records again. Despite the euro crisis, low consumer confidence and bad weather, worldwide bicycle sales increased in 2011.

191 million bicycles sold in 2011
According to the seventh annual study on the global cycling market, conducted by the NPD Group, Inc., a leading maret research company, some 191 million bicycles were sold in 2011. Global sales totaled nearly €36 billion (US$50bn – VAT included) in 2011 – an increase of five percent compared to 2010 (the same growth rate as for the global sport market).

36 billion euro in sales
The 191 million bicycles sold in 2011 had an average price estimated at €136 ($190). With 36 billion euro in sales cycling accounted for 15 percent of all sporting goods revenue. 50% percent of the global cycling growth has been made by 5 countries since 2006: China, Germany, India, South Korea and Brazil.

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