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Gepida App for Health Care

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The latest innovation from Gepida is a smartphone application which makes a brand new form of rehabilitation possible. The rider can connect a smartphone via Bluetooth to their pedelec, and use this smart application for tracking the trip or checking their actual health status.

Gepida App for Health Care
Gepida App

In case of regular bikes the phone can be used as a large display and as a bicycle computer showing the actual speed, daily and total distance, average and max speed. While riding, the app is tracking the trip and showing it on a Google Map.

In case of Gepida’s own developed pedelec series the so called GPDS (Gepida Pedelec Drive System) models, the smartphone is turning also into the display of the bike showing the remaining battery capacity and gives the opportunity to change the assist level on the screen.

The application has a second level, where the rider can extend the system with a heart rate belt (connecting also via Bluetooth). The datas of the HR-belt are also displayed, so it can be controlled through the whole riding process. Later on complete statistics are also available from the app in many dimensions.

Medical solution
The third and most important level of the application is a special medical solution. It was the general aim to develop an application to make the rehabilitation process as safe as possible. As the app can collect every information about the patients though different Bluetooth devices (7 pieces in the same time), it is working as a diagnostic tool, which provides the gathered information in a systematized way to the dedicated medical team in the hospital. It offers hospitals or medical centers the option to track and control their patients while riding a pedelec, and in case of emergency they can send warning messages to them to avoid any overstrain.

The application is developed for iOS and Android systems as well, will be available for download soon.

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