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Spybike Seatpost Tracker

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Spybike created a GPS tracker hidden in the seat post of a bike which detects bike movement and sends text messages to mobiles, and tracks the bike whereabouts for up to 60 hours. This new anti-theft device or better said a track and trace systems when a bike is stolen is operated by SMS using GPS and GSM technology using a SIM card.

Spybike Seatpost Tracker
Spybike Seatpost GPS Tracker

The Spybike fits in any 27,2mm seat post and upwards. The movement sensor alerts mobiles by SMS and has a compact, lightweight design. The device can be operated via a PC or smart phone with four basic operating modes selected by text message.

Alarm button
In the standby mode the Spybike waits for movement of the detector in bike tracker or alarm button on personal tracker and then starts tracking. In the start me now mode the tracking starts at preset intervals or can be programmed at own interval requirement between 5 seconds and 8 hours. Finally in the stop me mode the system will go back into standby mode.

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