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Cube Sets New Price Standard in Carbon

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UTRECHT, the Netherlands – Cube intends to grow by 25% in 2013, reported Bike Europe in last week’s newsletter. Founder Marcus Pürner made this statement in a German newspaper. This growth is apparently spurred Cube’s new price standard for carbon bikes.

Cube Sets New Price Standard in Carbon
Cube’s 1,449 euro peer price for entry-level carbon road racers brings it down to alloy levels.

That Cube is in a big way stirring up the carbon road race market surfaced at this year’s Eurobike. In Bike Europe’s Eurobike report (see September edition, pages 6 and 7) we concluded that it unleashed a price war between Cube and Focus mainly on the German market. This appears to be wrong as the Cube presentation at this year’s BikeMotion Benelux show made abundantly clear.

Agree GTC 3×10
At this show in Utrecht, the Netherlands that closed yesterday, Cube presented its road racer Agree GTC 3×10. It is fitted with a full cabon, semi sloping, monocoque, Twin Mold Technology frame. Front fork is Cube CSL race carbon tapered. With Shimano Tiagra 3×10 groupset including Shimano WH R-501 wheelset, the Cube 2013 Agree GTC consumer price stands at 1,449 euro!

Unsurpassed price level
Offering a full carbon road racer well below 1,500 euro retail is an unsurpassed price level. Taking a closer look at the offering of various Cube competitors on the Eurobike and BikeMotion Benelux shows, nobody presented lower priced carbon road racers. The lowest offering was made by Focus with a €1,599 model while Giant and Trek offer in 2013 full carbon road racers stand at respectively 1,699 and 1,799 euro.

Peer price for entry-level carbon road racers
The 1,449 euro peer price for entry-level carbon road racers brings it down to alloy levels, said a prominent carbon frame maker at Eurobike. Their solution for coping with the pressure on prices this brings, is in automation of the production. The carbon frame maker said that also the rising labor costs in China forces him to take this step.

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