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The Aston Martin 30,000 euro Bicycle

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LONDON, UK – Inspired by one of the most famous names in motoring, Factor’s Aston Martin One-77 bicycle costs more than a lot of cars.

The Aston Martin 30,000 euro Bicycle
The British-built Aston Martin One-77 bicycle costing €31,250.

Last year the Upmarket Salon Privé ‘supercar and concours d’elegance’ motoring event featured a single pedelec amongst all the high end and classic cars and motorcycles on display: the stunning but pricey Hungarian-built M55 Terminus, costing €25,000.

British-built bicycle
This year’s 7th Salon Privé at the Syon House stately riverside London home of the Duke of Northumberland was the first public showcase for a new British-built bicycle costing even more than the M55 but powered by human muscle alone: the GBP25,000 (€ 31,250) Aston Martin One-77.

First launched last June, it is built by Factor Bikes, a subsidiary of bf1 systems, ‘a market-leading provider of electrical, electronic and composite solutions to clients in the motorsport, automotive, aerospace and marine industries’. Amongst much else, Bf1 make parts for Formula 1 cars and the tire pressure and temperature monitoring system fitted to Aston Martin cars.

Finest craftsmanship
This 9kg bicycle is firmly based on Factor’s GBP21,000 model, first seen in 2009 and called simply the 001. The Aston Martin One-77 name reflects the fact that this model was designed in partnership with the famous car company and that it supposedly ‘mirrors the elegance of its supercar counterpart; from the materials to the finest craftsmanship’.

The bespoke leather trimmed and stitched carbon fibre handlebars have been designed to echo the form of the One-77 supercar and both the ‘bars and the carbon fibre frame contain the hydraulic brake cylinder lines and wiring for the LED head and tail lights giving the machine an extremely clean and uncluttered appearance; the rear lights are built into the seat post and more hidden wiring carries the signals for the electric Shimano gear-changers front and rear on the 10×2 derailleur system.

Aston Martin colour scheme
As with the One-77 car, production is limited to seventy seven units. It comes in seven options of exclusive Aston Martin colour scheme and each one is built to order specifically to fit the buyer.

The disc brakes mean that the machine is not UCI race-legal but bf1 systems say that they are ‘devoted to building the very best road bicycle on the market, without compromise’. This ‘limited edition masterpiece’, (as it is modestly described by its makers) is primarily designed to be ‘a training aid for the serious athlete’ and its electronic data-logging facilities are as impressive as its carbon fibre construction and technical specification.

Electronic systems
There are no fewer than 72 different data-logging ‘channels’ monitored by the electronic systems and GPS. They range from the amount of power developed by each of the rider’s legs, and the torque transferred to each crank, to his (or her) heart rate, three measures of acceleration, humidity, ambient temperature, rate of ascent and descent and much else besides.

Factor’s marketing representative Sheena Karim confirmed that deposits for six machines had already been taken, with several more serious enquiries also made at Salon Privé. Production is scheduled to start early in the New Year. At least that € 31,250 price includes VAT.

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