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TranzX Presents New Drive Systems at Taichung Bike Week

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – The JD Group has chosen the Taichung Bike Week to launch their latest, TranzX branded, most powerful drive system solution. According to the JD Group this new 500 watt powered and throttle enhanced electric drive system features 30% more power.

TranzX Presents New Drive Systems at Taichung Bike Week
According to the JD Group this new electric drive system features 30% more power.

“When we launched the TranzX PST electric drive system in Europe in 2007, the annual volume of e-bike sales was a mere fraction of what it is today,” explains Johnson Cho, CEO of the JD Group.

“With economic and environmental considerations in North America in increasing alignment with the European, we see the US market as the next horizon, with excellent growth potential. We are now ready to cross the ocean with a powerful entry product to captivate this vast and lucrative market.”

“The time is right for the American market”
Seeing the USA as a prime market for future growth, JD has chosen to launch its most potent new development as part of a versatile OEM solutions package, conceived especially for the growing list of e-bike manufacturers eager to make their mark in modern mobility “American style”.

The JD Group created an exceptionally 500 watt powerful transportation alternative specifically for North America, developing a potential e-bike drive system option to satisfy the particular needs and tastes of the US market. Equipped with a throttle for faster kick-up, the powerful 500 watt TranzX motor has been especially developed to meet this market’s demand for more powerful systems, as well as address the special geographical needs – broadening vehicle reach for longer urban and suburban distances. The new system will be available in 2013 to manufacturers.

TranzX Eagle
JD will be also introducing a powerful 400 Watt version of the M05 motor for the award winning and popular TranzX Eagle e-bike model. The drive system components are integrated into the frame, presenting a premier aesthetic combining it with an impressive functionality.

The Taichung Bike Week takes place from November 13-16, 2012.

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