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Zipp Presents Two New Clincher Wheel Sets

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INDIANAPOLIS, USA – Zipp Speed Weaponry developed two new wheels sets, the Zipp 30 and the 60 clincher. Both sets are with SRAM, Shimano Cassette body as well as Campagnolo.

Zipp Presents Two New Clincher Wheel Sets
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Zipp’s new 30 is a durable, high-performance wheelset designed with proven aerodynamic principles. Its hybrid toroidal aluminum rim provides an aero advantage exceeding many deeper “V” section carbon rims. The 30 Clincher’s new 10 or 11-speed compatible hub is smooth yet so durable it pushed Zipp´s test-lab equipment to the limit.

External nipples
The Zipp 30 has a wide tire bed which enhances cornering grip and increases ride comfort. The set features Sapim CX-Ray spokes to maintain stiffness required for efficient power transfer. External nipples give better support to each spoke as it exits the rim.

The Zipp 60 has 58mm dimpled hybrid toroidal rim which is based on aerodynamic principles validated in the wind tunnel and with scores of race wins.

Based on Zipp’s quarter-century of aero expertise, the 60 Clincher is stiff and durable yet nimble thanks to continuous and strenuous product development. An all-new 11-speed compatible hub makes the 60 Clincher as durable as it is fast. This versatile wheelset is aimed at road racers, triathletes and gran fondo enthusiasts.

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