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Accell CEO Takens; ‘2013 Season Unpredictable

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Last month at the opening of the FietsVAK tradeshow in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Accell Group CEO René Takens said on his expectations for 2013: “It’s unpredictable. It could be a bit more, but it could also a bit less.”

Accell CEO Takens; ‘2013 Season Unpredictable
Accell Group CEO Takens: ‘Contrary to the 2012 market trend in Holland e-bike sales is holding out.

Takens elaborated that the difficult economic situation affects IBDs in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that still over one million bikes were sold in 2012, total sales in units were down 13.2% compared to 2011. The drop in turnover at IBDs was likewise with 14.2%.

“P&A sales however, performed well”, said Takens. “Because people use their bikes longer maintenance and repairs were up. Next to that you see that people indulge on buying accessories like bike computers.”

E-bikes sales OK
For the first time in history city bikes were not the most important bike category in Holland last year. More turnover was made with e-bikes. 16% of all bikes sold in 2012 were electric bicycles with which accounted for 42% of the total bike turnover at all retail channels. At IBDs e-bike sales represented 43% of their total turnover. With that electric bikes are by far the most important segment.

E-bike sales is holding out
Takens said on e-bike sales: “In January we reached the milestone of the one millionth sold e-bike. Contrary to the 2012 market trend e-bike sales is holding out. That’s a very important signal for IBDs.”

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