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Czech Republic 2012: Foreign Trade Favours Bicycles

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PRAGUA, Czech Republic – In connection with the gradual improvement of technical infrastructure for classic bicycles and due to the systematic building of a network of cycle tracks both in cities and outside, the demand for various types of bicycles rises. On the other hand, due to a low nationwide interest almost on all levels, the e-mobility market, including e-bikes, is stagnating.

Czech Republic 2012: Foreign Trade Favours Bicycles

In the first half-year of 2012 there is a general increase in foreign trade of the Czech Republic, namely €61.9 billion in exports and €55.1 billion in imports – which is a balance of €6.8 billion in favour of exports. In 2011 this data was as follows: exports in the first half-year: €57.0 billion, yearly exports: €114.8 billion.

Imports in the first half-year were €53 billion, yearly imports €107.2 billion. The half-yearly balance was €4 billion in favour of exports. The yearly balance was €7.6 billion in favour of exports. It may be estimated that in 2012 the yearly balance will be higher than €7.6 billion in favour of exports, as the half-yearly balance is €6.8 billion now.

Bicycle exports (January – June, 2012)
The list of traditional foreign customers of bicycles has been relatively stable in the recent years. It is made up by firms in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. Apart from these countries there are another 34 countries on Czech export list mostly from the EU.

However, there are also countries from other continents, such as the USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Russia. In the first half-year of 2012 exports reached €47.927 million, of which 3 countries – Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria, shared 76% of the whole, with a total of 234,794 exported bicycles at an average export price of €203.

Imports of bicycle and frames (January – June 2012)
Taiwan, Germany, and China are among the countries who have been exporting to the Czech Republic for many years. Companies from 21 other countries supplement these major suppliers. The total value of the imported bikes between January – June 2012 was €31.619 million, Taiwan’s share was 67% of the 116,456 bikes imported. The average price was €273 apiece.

The dominant importer of frames is China, with 79% of imported value from a total volume of 34,912 units and a total value volume of €0.885 million. Nine other countries take part in the bicycle frame imports. Bicycle frames are exported into 12 countries in a quantity of 756 pieces. Most customers are in Germany. The total value amounted €0.118 million.

The total value of E-bike imports into the Czech Republic in 2011 amounted €3.81 million. China took the largest share of the imports with 87%. Another 9 countries in total took part in the imports. In 2011 exports from the Czech Republic reached €5.38 million and went to Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other 15 countries. The largest number of bicycles were exported in May 2011.

In 2012 a more precise monitoring system of bicycle imports and exports regarding to the engine power output was introduced. E-bikes with a power output of up to 250W and higher are monitored separately. Even in this half-year China remained the leader in e-bike imports with the power output of 250W. 5,872 e-bikes in this category have been imported from China with an average price of €303 and the average weight of about 25 kg. The import percentage has not changed in the case of China.

Other importers are from Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Regarding e-bike exports from the Czech Republic, the leader is Netherlands where 93% of bikes in the 250W category were exported. In units, that’s a total of 3,189 e-bikes with a total value of €1.86 million. Other export countries are Germany, Poland, Slovakia, New Zealand and Taiwan. E-bikes with a power output over 250W are imported into the Czech Republic in relatively limited numbers, for special applications, because from the legal point of view their use falls under the same rules as motorcycles.

In the first half of 2012 1,044 bikes were imported from China, 207 bikes from the USA and several bikes from Germany, Korea, and Slovakia. The import prices ranged between €300 – €400. Bicycles with power rating over 250W were exported to Switzerland, the USA, Slovakia, Denmark, Russia, Norway, Belgium and 6 other countries. In total 5,131 bikes were exported for a total value of €5.232 million, with the average export price slightly over €1,000 per bike.

Source: Czech Statistical Office

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