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Decathlon: European Retailer of the Year

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PARIS, France – The biggest sports chain in Europe and probably in the world, Decathlon, has been named “European Retailer of the Year”. In a survey by Q & A Research & Consultancy under European consumers, the French retailer was judged best. Perfumery chain ICI Paris XL scored a second place and IKEA third in the election.

Decathlon: European Retailer of the Year

In particular Belgian consumers voted in favor of Decathlon because of the value for money the company offers as well as its product range.

ICI Paris XL scored high in the Netherlands and Belgium. The perfumery chain owes his second place to his wide range and his friendly and professional staff in the shops. IKEA scored not only high in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in Italy and Spain. Consumers were particularly positive about the value for money and the range of the furniture giant.

The election for the best retailer of the year is based on the ratings of 440,000 consumers. They can only judge the retailer if they have visited one of its stores over the past year or made a purchase.

According to Q & A Research & Consultancy European respondents appreciated this year especially value for money, promotions and discounts.

Source: Retail News

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