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Cervélo Adopts Flexible ‘Model Year’ Strategy

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CLOPPENBURG, Germany – “To create a new, more profitable way of doing business Cervélo decided to move away from the ‘model year’ concept toward a more flexible sales cycle”, said Scott Rittschof, Cervélo VP Sales.

Cervélo Adopts Flexible ‘Model Year’ Strategy
The Rca and Cervélo P3 Dura Ace were the first introduced in line with Cervélo’s new strategy. - Photo Cervélo

“The Cervélo Rca and Cervélo P3 Dura Ace were the first products launched using this new process and their success for dealers has been remarkable,” said Rittschof. “By tending to how product lifecycles and inventory levels interact, we are now able to launch new products at the ideal time: when they are immediately available to consumers.”

Only when new products is ready

“This allows dealers to capture full sales potential and full margin throughout the entire year and going forward that all new products will be introduced in this manner – only when our shared inventory is drawn down and the new product is ready.”

“We will now time new product launches based on engineering developments and shared inventory levels and not stick to introduction during the summer regardless of current stock inventory and new model availability.”

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