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Italian Market Down, But E-Bikes Gain Ground

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MILANO, Italy – Like other major markets in Europe, also the Italian one saw a drop in bicycle sales last year due to the economic crisis and bad weather. However, electric bicycles brought relief as their sales were up by a big 9.5%.

Italian Market Down, But E-Bikes Gain Ground
E-bike sales increased by 9.5% in Italy last year. - Photo Bike Europe

The Italian industry association ANCMA recently released the 2012 statistics on the bicycle market of the country. 1,606,014 bicycles were sold in 2012; 8.2% down compared to the sales in 2011 (1,750,000 units).

Resisting the crisis

ANCMA says that the main reason for the decrease is the global economic crisis. But the industry association also points to the fact that the bicycle sector was able to resist the crisis much better compared to other industry sectors in Italy. The Powered Two-Wheeler industry for instance is suffering badly what is having a devastating effect on the motorcycle and scooters dealers in Italy. The number of dealers is said to have dropped by over 30%.


Bicycle production in the country also dropped in 2012; with 9.8% to 2,190,075 units. Production and exports of bicycle parts showed a contrasting picture. The 2012 parts export was up 15% to a total value of €463 million.

As said e-Bikes upped in Italy in 2012. And big time; by 9.5% to a total sales number of 48,200 units. Pedal assisted bicycle now account for 3% of all bike sales in Italy. Trekking and city bikes were the most popular models (32% market share), followed by MTBs (30%), kid bikes (18%), classis Italian city bikes (10%) and road racers (7%).

A comprehensive report on the Italian market will be published in Bike Europe’s August edition.

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