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Bigger and Better Business at Eurobike 2013

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Business was disappointing in the first half of 2013 in particular for regular bikes. And despite a currently somewhat higher than usual stock, expectations are high for what Eurobike 2013 will bring.

Bigger and Better Business at Eurobike 2013

Last year’s biggest bike show on earth saw tight business while the general mood was best described as showing a high level of uncertainty and unpredictability. Eurobike 2013, which is only hours away for opening its doors, will show a completely different mood. Bike Europe’s recent online survey on expected business at Eurobike 2013 underlines this.

Predominant issues

The euro crisis and price increases were predominant issues last year. The crisis is slowly but steadily fading away and currently there are no indications that prices are again to be upped with over 5%. This brings the respondents of Bike Europe’s recent online survey to express high expectations for the business in  2014.

Speed pedelecs take center stage

Spurring that 2014 bike business will be e-bikes. There’s no doubt on that as last year’s sales, despite the coldest and wettest spring in history as well as low consumer confidence in lots of EU countries, remained on the high 2012 level of even increased. The biggest in e-bikes in Europe – Accell Group – saw its e-bike sales grow with a big 28%.

More than all the 21 previous Eurobike shows, electric bikes with be in the spotlights this time. Maybe better said, speed pedelecs will take center stage at a lot of booths. The offering will be abundantly. And within all categories; from city to road racing.

Scooter and motorcycle companies?

In the context of bikes capable of speeds up to 45 km/h or higher, it will be interesting to see whether scooter and motorcycle companies are showing any interest in this new category called s-pedelecs. There’s at least one company that is: KYMCO debuting its Klever e-bikes and s-pedelec series.

Bikes becoming mainstream

Tomorrow the highest ranking government official of Germany will open Eurobike officially. Angela Merkel reflects the increased political attention for bicycles and their mobility capabilities especially in urban areas. Governmental programs stimulating bike usage are popping up more and more with the latest ones in the UK and Spain. It’s one more indication that bicycles are no longer a niche product , but are becoming mainstream which will surely drive the business in the years to come and bring Eurobike to new highs.

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