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Bosch Launches Next Generation E-Bike Systems

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REUTLINGEN, Germany – More Bosch mid-motor drive systems are presented at Eurobike by the electronics giant. The new drives will feature in many 2014 e-bikes displayed at the world’s biggest bike show.

Bosch Launches Next Generation E-Bike Systems
Bosch new Performance Line is available with either the 25 km/h cruise unit or the faster 45 km/h speed drive unit. - Photo Bosch

Bosch eBike Systems is introducing two new drive systems which will be available next to the existing Classic+ line. The newcomers are called Active Line and Performance Line. Both Lines have a new mid-motor developed by Bosch which is smaller and lighter than the current one. It’s also not possible to mount it upside down at 220º as the Classic+ one. Thanks to its design the new drive unit of both Active and Performance lines offer even for the sportive segment enough ground clearance.

25 km/h and 45 km/h versions

While the Classic+ drive system is offered in both up to 25 km/h and up to 45 km/h versions, the new agile Active Line comes only in a 25 km/h version and stands for “carefree enjoyment”. The more dynamic and powerful Performance Line offers next to a 25 km/h also a 45 km/h version for derailleur-equipped bicycles. Also new is that the Active Line offers a version for coaster brake bikes.


Also new at the Active and Performance Lines are ‘drivetrains’. Bosch means by that a drive concept ensuring optimal coordination by relying on three sensors for force, cadence, and speed. According to Bosch there are now, “1,000 sensor measurements per second and more powerful electronics with a modern 32-bit processor.” Also new: gear shift detection for derailleur systems. “During shifting, the torque is reduced at precisely at the right moment and then increased, resulting in a smooth shifting process which reduces stress on the components and cuts down on wear.”


Not only the mid drive unit and rear carriers that hold the battery pack are tuned, but also the Intuvia onboard computer that comes with the Bosch e-bike kit. More functions are available as well as more modes: eco, tour, sport, turbo, and off. Both Active and Performance e-bike kits weigh less than four kilograms (Classic+: 4.1 kilos).

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