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Campagnolo’s Over-Torque Crankset Technology

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VICENZA, Italy – Campagnolo developed the Over-Torque Cranckset in an effort not only to push the limits of both rigidity and weight but also to launch a format that adapts in a more efficient manner to frames with oversized bottom bracket designs.

Campagnolo’s Over-Torque Crankset Technology
The Comp Ultra and Comp One will feature the Over-Torque technology.

In line with Campagnolo’s philosophy to keep the bearings at the widest stance possible in combination with a large diameter axle the Over-Torque construction has an extremely wide stance for bearings in addition to a 30mm axle diameter. These two factors, combined with a newly designed crank arm results in a 5% rigidity increase over the current Super Record crank set as well as an increase of 10% with regards to the weight/rigidity relationship.

The Campy Tech Lab has designed the Over-Torque in such a manner that it not only has increased performance characteristics but also reduces weight. The new design in the Comp Ultra version weighs in at nearly 54 grams less than Campagnolo’s previous lightweight set.

The new Over-Torque technology will be available in two different crank set versions; the Comp Ultra 11 speed with an extremely low weight of 563grams and the Comp One 11 speed that weighs only 605 grams.

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