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Diavelo Offers ‘World’s Lightest S-Pedelec

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The weight of the complete Diavelo S-Pedelec stands at only 14.5 kilogram. The frame is made of autoclave processed carbon fibre with a layer of kevlar to give the frame extra strength. With that it is able to handle the strong forces from the powerful carbon fibre motor as well as the top speed of 45 km/h.

Diavelo Offers ‘World’s Lightest S-Pedelec

According to Protanium its Diavelo is currently the lightest S-Pedelec in the world. Frame and front fork are developed by Protanium while these and several other parts are made using the autoclave method. Processing by autoclave is far more costly than oven heating and is therefore generally used only when isostatic pressure must be applied to a workload of comparatively complex shape.

Elegantly hidden

To cut down the weight most components on the Diavelo S-Pedelec are made of carbon fibre. The battery is elegantly hidden in the down tube and can easily be removed for recharge like in several other Diavelo bikes.

There is no traditional display on this speed pedelec. The carbon S-Pedelec is controlled by an App from the rider’s Smartphone. The Diavelo carbon S-Pedelec will be revealed first time at the Eurobike show at the Protanium booth: FGO-500. It is available in October and suggested retail price is set at € 4,995.

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