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TranzX Presents New Drive System Components

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – TranzX will present a series of new advancements for TranzX system components at Eurobike like the LogiX Series raising e-mobility systems to the next level in diagnostics, power and performance.

TranzX Presents New Drive System Components
The nearly invisible TranzX M25 motor (left) and the M19 available in 48V/350W or 48V/500W.

The first in the TranzX series to incorporate advanced LogiX technology is the new TranzX M25 central motor. Based on CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network) technology, LogiX uses fewer cables, provides a higher data transmission speed than the standard I2C bus, is less susceptible to system breakdowns, and ensures extendibility and system openness through multi-host architecture. E-bike servicing and assembly are easier, and parameters such as assistance ratio and the AGT shifting strategy are simply adjusted.

At the helm of the LogiX line is the nearly invisible TranzX M25 motor, generating a surge of power superior to motors even twice its size. Ultra-compact and lightweight, the M25 central motor has been developed as a logical extension to the popular M07 motor range. The M25 weights a mere 3.5 kg with scaled-down design and extremely low noise and vibration levels. The 36V M25 motor features a maximum of torque of 50 Nm.

Custom coloration options and a special aesthetic shape make the new M25 motor a self-contained design element. It is one of the first e-bike motors capable of harmonious integration into the frame. The M25 requires only three bolts for mounting to the frame and one connection cable to the motor making it an easy “one-bracket-fits-all” assembly for OEM.

High speed motor

Growing demand for higher power and speed capabilities for various markets have spurned TranzX to develop the high powered 48V/ 350W M07 motor – with running speeds reaching 32 km/h where regulations permit. Compatible with the TranzX BL17 down-tube battery, the 48V motor is especially appealing to cyclists requiring a longer and more powerful riding range. The central motor position offers greater flexibility.

To satisfy a wide variety of cycling styles and frame configurations, the M07 range offers several central motor. Mounted to the bottom bracket, the M07 series offers a well-balanced ride particularly suitable for sporty e-bike models. Locating the motor at the bicycle’s midpoint allows more wheel options and combinations, such as hub gears with hub dynamos and coaster brakes. The seamless drive systems feature an integrated controller and dual-sided BB Torque sensor.

A powerful system with quick release function, the new and brushless M19 motor is compatible with disc or v-brakes. It is available in two versions, 48V/350W and 48V/500W, the peak torque of 42 Nm addresses the specific needs of the growing e-bike market in the USA (speeds up to 20mph/32kmh) as well S-Pedelecs (maximum speed of 45km/h).

Attached to the down-tube of the bike frame, the new down-tube lithium-ion BL17 battery is being offered in both a 36V (8.8 Ah/11.6Ah) and 48V (8.7Ah) version, with maximum capacity of 415Wh. The newest TranzX carrier battery development is the 14.5 Ah version of the BL03, BL07 and BL15 carrier batteries. The 14.5 TranzX carrier battery uses the longest-lasting and advanced 18650 lithium-ion cells to achieve riding distances of up to 130 km.

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