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Dahon Partners with Car Powerhouse for Bi-Modal Transport

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At last week’s Eurobike Dahon announced a licensing agreement with one of the world’s biggest in cars. According to Dahon’s Henry Hon the agreement goes beyond Dahon producing and marketing bikes under the renowned car brand name as, “The car company is focusing on bi-modal transportation.”

Dahon Partners with Car Powerhouse for Bi-Modal Transport
The Dahon partnership with Ford is said to go beyond just licensing the brand. - Photo Dahon

Dahon’s licensing agreement is with the Ford Motor Company. It involves, “An active exchange of design ideas to produce a complete line of new Ford branded bicycles,” says a press release issued by Dahon on the partnership.

Dahon’s executive Henry Hon added at a Dahon press conference which took place last week at Eurobike: “Our partnership with Ford goes beyond just licensing the brand. It’s a partnership that will be extensive and will include distribution. One of the views behind this partnership is the development of bi-modal transportation in urban areas on which Ford is more and more looking into.”

Ford line-up

Dahon is to launch a Ford line-up early 2014 with specific models to be determined in the coming months. All production and distribution will be handled by Dahon and will initially be sold through select retail channels. The Ford line will furthermore include a range of folding bicycles and e-bikes for adults and children as well as a full line of accessories.

‘Exciting opportunity’

David Hon, CEO and founder of Dahon said, “This is a very exciting opportunity for us. With this partnership we are influencing today’s auto-dependent public to think about the importance of changing their transport habits to help sustain a greener future.”

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