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Keyless, Alarm Secured, GPS Tracked Bicycle Lock

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LONDON, UK – Start-up company Lock8 today presented a smart bike lock featuring a smartphone as an e-Key. Whether with iPhone or Android, an App organizes the protection with an encrypted e-key, alarm function and GPS tracking.

Keyless, Alarm Secured, GPS Tracked Bicycle Lock
The Lock8 brings a new generation of bicycle locks to the market.

“Our product will change the way people think about bicycle security”, say Lock8 founders Franz Salzmann and Dr. Daniel Zajarias-Fainsod. “It brings a new generation of bicycle locks to the market as it can be opened and controlled via a smartphone.”

“With a swipe of your finger”

The Lock8 provides secure anti-theft protection and innovative features that make them perfect for everyday use. In addition, the bike can always be located via GPS. “If, for example, a friend urgently needs your bike they can receive an e-Key for the bike via smartphone and the GPS function can bring them straight to your bicycle, all this with just a swipe of your finger”, says Daniel Zajarias-Fainsod.

“The system is not only safe and practical, but also easy and intuitive to use. After downloading the app, the bike is safely locked or unlocked with just one swipe on the touchscreen. The App can also be programmed so that the lock opens automatically when the user is only a few meters away from the bike.

Extra security is gained by the six sensors; gyro-accelerometer, light sensor, temperature sensor, GPS, vibration sensor and ‘hot-wired’ cable that all work together to protect the bicycle by alerting the owner via push notification.

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