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Romania: Export Dropped in first half 2013

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Romania’s bicycle industry is highly dependent on its exports to Belgium and Germany. The country’s 2012 export to the two countries together reached over half a million units.

Romania: Export Dropped in first half 2013

The value of Romania’s bike export to Belgium and Germany stood at a total value over € 57 million in 2012; the export to all other countries was less than € 2 million.

In 2012 Romania increased its bike production and export to almost 537,000 units in 2012. The value of that export also rose; from 48.4 to over € 59.3 million; this also means that the average value per exported unit rose to € 110.

Export statistics for the first half of 2013 are not as positive and show a downward trend. Romania exported just under 300,000 bikes in first half of 2012. In the same period of 2013 – only 242,000. Export value dropped from € 32.4m to € 29m. The Eurostat statistics indicate that Germany will take-over the leading position for Romania’s bike exports from Belgium. That Romania is exporting fewer bikes to Belgium probably has to with Decathlon. The biggest sporting goods retailer in the world is assembling more bikes in Portugal and next to that Decathlon also started production (on a limited scale) at its HQ in Lille, France.

Interesting is that Romania’s bicycle import is on the rise. From 90,000 to over 112,000 units in 2012. The country gets most of its bikes from Hungary (24,800 units), Bangladesh (20,870) and Malaysia (15,515), all for very low average values.

Romania  – Bike Export in 2012

Country Units Value (in euro)
1 Belgium 305,617 31.9m
2 Germany 199,370 25.2m
3 Greece 5,316 0.35m
4 Hungary 4,970 0.3m
5 Czech Republic 4,051 0.26m
Total 536,681 59.3m

Source Eurostat

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