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Selle Royal Develops Next Generation Saddle Covers

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POZZOLEONE, Italy – Leading manufacturer Selle Royal created an all new cover material for its saddles that could cope with the stresses and strains of daily use.

Selle Royal Develops Next Generation Saddle Covers
Strengtex is Selle Royal’s newly developed saddle cover – Photo Selle Royal

The Italians call this next material generation ‘Strengtex’. According to Selle Royal it offers a special reinforced and dense internal layer that makes it both resistant to the harshest elements but remains comfortable to ride.

Strengtex has a grain finish resembling high quality leather. The Strengtex material is also combined with Selle Royal’s Royal Vacuum Light technology – which means that all saddles are one hundred percent sealed to reduce the risk of water absorption.

Selle Royal introduces Strengtex if features on the Drifter saddle in the Relaxed category which comes in combination with double elastomer springs and Royalgel.

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