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Bohle Reports Stable Turnover For 2013

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REICHSHOF, Germany – The bicycle tyre manufacturer Ralf Bohle GmbH, well known of its brand Schwalbe, has started the 2014 bike season on a positive note. Bohle’s Managing Director Frank Bohle views spring and summer optimistically.

Bohle Reports Stable Turnover For 2013
“The storage facilities of our trading partners are not as full as in previous years,” says Ralf Bohle GmbH Managing Director Frank Bohle. – Photo Bike Europe

“The mild winter in important bicycle countries has already ensured an early demand. The storage facilities of our trading partners are not as full as in previous years. In addition, there has been a stabilisation of the economic conditions. All this allows us to expect a moderate growth in 2014.”

“Difficult year”

“The European bicycle industry had two difficult years, characterised by long winters and late, changeable summers, as well as the Euro crisis in Southern European countries,” adds Frank Bohle. “In the difficult bicycle year 2013, the Bohle Group had a turnover of 147 million euros. That is a slight increase compared to 2012, with a revenue of 144 million euros.”

Frank Bohle, a well-known promoter of cycling, is convinced that, “the future of modern cycling has only just begun. The bicycle as a means of transport in everyday life can shape the next decade. For some years now, images of more and more people cycling in the world’s metropolis have been determining our concept of modern traffic. He draws attention to the successful rent-a-bike systems in cities like Paris that, a few years ago, were deemed to be virtually bicycle-free.”

Marathon Plus S-Pedelec certified

The success of the Marathon Plus is closely connected with modern, carefree cycling in large cities. Ten years after the introduction of this special, puncture-protected tyre, a new version will be launched this spring. The new ‘flatless’ rolls even more lightly, should last longer, and has now been certified for fast e-bikes up to 50 km/h. “The new tyre will increase our advantage over imitator products,” says Frank Bohle, “It will remain a significant part of our success story.”

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