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Shimano Launches New MTB and Trekking Groupset

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TOKYO, Japan – After XT, SLX and Deore Shimano introduces a new Alivio groupset for two different categories, one for mountain bike and one for trekking. And there is more to come in the months ahead.

Shimano Launches New MTB and Trekking Groupset
Shimano introduces a new Alivio groupset for two different categories. - Photo Shimano

Compared to the Alivio generations, the new mountain bike groupset has a more aggressive look and a low profile design clearly shown by the rear derailleur. Besides the new look, the rear derailleur now features Shimano’s Shadow RD technology. Known from higher level groupsets like SLX and Deore. Shadow RD is intended for more aggressive riding.

Since bigger wheel sizes also became more popular in the Alivio segment, the Alivio drivetrain adopted the 40-30-22 triple front crank and a compact front derailleur. The new front derailleur gives more tire clearance for bigger wheel sizes and improves the manoeuvrability.

For better handling, Shimano integrated the shift and brake lever. This gives a clean appearance and improves the cable routing. The enlarged optical gear display allows entry level mountain bikers to instantly check in which gear they are riding. A single shift lever is optional available.


Since people also use Alivio on trekking bikes for many years, Shimano decided to make a dedicated trekking groupset. The company claims that the new trekking groupset is the most silent and durable Alivio groupset ever made. Compared to the mountain bike version, the trekking groupset has cleaner appearance.

The front derailleur has a wide link for longer durability and precise shifting and the front crank is available in 48-36-26 and 44-32-22. Overall Alivio trekking is a 9-speed groupset with a light, precise shifting operation and ergonomic handling.

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