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Also in Austria E-Bikes Expand in Depressed Market

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VIENNA, Austria – Like in Germany sales of electric bicycles continued to grow in an Austrian market that suffered from bad spring weather conditions last year. Overall Austrian bicycle sales dropped – compared with 2012 – by 7% to a total of approximately 382,000 units.

Also in Austria E-Bikes Expand in Depressed Market
KTM is Austria’s biggest bike maker. The company saw overall bike sales drop by 7% on its domestic market. - Photo Jo Beckendorff

The Austrian bike sales statistics are no longer provided by the country’s two-wheeler importers and manufacturers’ association Arge Zweirad. According to Thalinger Lange GM Frank Schierenbeck and current Arge Fahrrad (a subsidiary of Arge Zweirad) spokesman: “We came to the conclusion that our interests are better represented by VSSÖ.” This is Austria’s sporting goods association.


VSSÖ’s PR manager Alexander Raffeiner explains that this switch is made because: “About half of the total number of bicycles sold in Austria’s are handled by sporting goods retailers. Next to that 11.5% of the 2.6 billion euro sporting goods sales were made with bicycles and bicycle products in 2013” says Raffeiner.


Value wise the 382,000 sold bicycles in Austria (through all distribution channels) stood at 298 million euro, estimates VSSÖ.  Unfortunately this number can’t be compared with previous figures as the formerly provided statistics proofed to be not that reliable. Due to the switch to VSSÖ also both bicycle import and export figures for 2013 were not available at the time of writing.

Higher average sales prices

According to the VSSÖ data the numbers of sold bicycles dropped in 2013, but value wise stayed stable or even increased somewhat. According to VSSÖ president Gernot Kellermayr: “This is the result of the high average sales price of e-bikes.” He estimates that average sales price at 2,000 euro.

E-Bike hype

Talking about e-bikes; according to VSSÖ their 2013 market share is estimated at 11.3%. In 2012 this stood at 10.0%. “Currently each 10th bike sold in Austrian market is an e-bike,” noted Fred Schierenbeck. The Arge Fahrrad spokesman sees increased potential for electric bicycles as the image is shifting from a product for seniors to a cool mobility tool beloved by everyone. There’s however one downfall to the e-bike success and that’s in the fact that the trekking bike segment which used to be a top seller in Austria, is harmed by the increased popularity of e-bikes.

The complete Market Report Austria is in Bike Europe’s April issue.

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