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Marwi Introduces Spare Gear Hangers

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Marwi Europe carries a wide range of gear hangers that covers the majority of all bikes in Europe that are equipped with a derailleur gear system.

Marwi Introduces Spare Gear Hangers
Marwi’s 20 most common gear hangers come in a box which is available from late April through wholesalers . - Photo Bike

Gear hangers are designed to bend or break, in order to avoid more expensive damage to the frame. Therefore gear hangers are originally made from 6061 cold forged aluminium, mostly anodized in a silver colour. The hardness matches the level that ensures that external forces or impacts will not bypass the gear hanger and damage the dropout part of your frame.

There are many different models for gear hangers. This is caused by the fact that the design of the gear hanger is related to the design of the dropout part of the frame. All Marwi’s gear hangers match the original gear hangers The correct hardness is guaranteed for future impacts.

Marwi’s gear hanger range makes it very easy and efficient for the workshop to find the right replacement part. Marwi made a selection of the 20 most used gear hangers and subsequently assembled them in a box. This box is available from late April through wholesalers Europe wide. The price of the assortment box with 20 common spare gear hangers is around 60 euros.

Additionally Marwi offers on its website, an overview of all available replacement gear hangers for dozens of racing brands.

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