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TranzX; Mid-Motor as ‘Design Element

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TranzX has further developed it mid-motor line-up which features the M25. It’s focused on medium segment and affordable e-bikes. Next to that TranzX wants to stand out from other system suppliers as the one that offers ample customizing options for OEMs.

TranzX; Mid-Motor as ‘Design Element
Ultra compact and lightweight, the M25 tucks aways almost invisable in the frame. - Photo TransX

For making that possible TranzX hired a design company that  developed a ‘Design Language ‘. A spokesman said this is done with an eye on the ‘Bosch Effect’; the fact that consumers ask for a ‘Bosch bike’. “All OEMs want to be different and have their own identity. We want to stand out by offering design elements which are consistent with previous designs.”

For that the M25 mid-motor case can be produced in any desired color variation. TranzX says further on this in a press release: “Ultra‐compact and lightweight, the M25 tucks away almost invisibly into the frame. Hiding in the latest generation of e‐bike frames, the micro M25 motor is a self‐contained, fully integrated design element – made even more appealing by its custom coloration option.”

The M25 weighs a mere 3.9 kg with scaled‐down design and lowest noise and vibration levels. With the three‐bolt universal mounting system – it’s installed in seconds with just one connection cable. The mid-motor reaches torque levels up to 50 Nm and is compatible with nearly every frame configuration.

The M25 comes with LogiX. This raises the diagnostic threshold for modern e‐mobility systems. Based on acclaimed CAN‐Bus technology, LogiX ensures fast and accurate problem detection, requiring fewer cables, higher data transmission speed than the standard I2C bus and is less susceptible to failure. The LogiX CAN‐Bus system assures service personnel diagnostic speed and reliability through its extendibility and open, multi‐host architecture. It also allows easy customization by tuning sophisticated parameters such as assistance ratio and TranzX AGT shifting strategy.

With LogiX, motor performance is monitored steadily and automatically through a variety of debugging mechanisms – supported by continuous system read‐outs and immediate error detection.

The M25 product family offers different systems options with optimum power support. The entry‐level, M25T with Torque sensor setup, the more comfortable M25TC offers the convenient coaster brake option. The top‐of‐the‐line M25T‐AGT and M25TC‐AGT is equipped with AGT – TranzX automatic shifting technology.

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