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1st AMBE Study: Spanish Bike Market Bigger & Better

Sales & Trends

MADRID, Spain – AMBE, the Spanish Bicycle & Brands Association, presents its first “Cifras Sector Ciclismo” market report. The conclusion is that the market is substantially bigger than reckoned with by many bike professionals.

1st AMBE Study: Spanish Bike Market Bigger & Better
In 2013 a total of 1,034,374 bikes were sold through Spain’s three main distribution channels. – Photo Bike Europe

The first market study by AMBE is based on figures provided by members of the Association as well as data from non-members. It means that bike makers, distributors, shopping centers, sporting goods chains and the market research company Sport Panel SA contributed to the report. Main conclusion is that the Spannish annual market size is around 1 million units. Bigger as anticipated by many insiders who estimated the total volume at around 800.000 units so far.

Sales & distribution channels

AMBE notes that in 2013 a total of 1,034,374 bikes were sold by Spain’s three main distribution channels: IBDs, sporting goods chains as well as the supermarkets. Compared to 2012 bike sales in Spain dropped by 7.5% last year. According to AMBE’s study, the specialist dealers are the biggest distribution channel in volume. They account for 41% of all 2013 bike sales; sporting goods chains have sold 34% of all new bikes and the supermarkets 25%.

MTBs dominate

As for sales by category the AMBE research says that the Spanish market is dominated by mountainbikes with a 63% market share. The 26 inched MTBs were still the largest category while the 29-ers are growing strong with close to one third of overall sales. The second biggest category in Spain is kid bikes, excluding toy bicycles. Road racing stands at a 10% market share.

Regarding e-bikes the AMBE report says: “Although urban bikes as well as electric bikes are experiencing a huge sales increase their 2013 combined market share is only 8%. AMBE notes that the average retail price differs a lot by category. The average price for an e-bikes is € 1,237; for road racers € 647; for MTBs € 211; for city bikes € 169 and for kid bikes € 82.

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