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Flying Pigeon Targets European Markets

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TIANJIN, China – Flying Pigeon is heavily into electric bikes and especially ones that have European design. It’s also the most renowned brand name in China for bicycles.

Flying Pigeon Targets European Markets
Currently Flying Pigeon serves mainly e-bike customers in The Netherlands and Switzerland. – Photo Bike Europe

The founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong, had one. US Presidents Bush and Obama were presented Flying Pigeon bicycles while the same goes for a number of other VIP’s. Flying Pigeon is conferred to as one of “China’s time-honoured brand names” and of “national importance” by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

That “national importance” is also stressed by the fact that about half of the multi-million bicycle sales in China take place under the Flying Pigeon brand name.

Orientated to Europe

Established in 1939 Flying Pigeon has with its tremendous growth turned into a group of companies. One of the companies in this group is specializing in e-bikes. This is Tianjin Flying Pigeon Electric Bicycle Manufacture Co. Ltd. The company’s sales are very much orientated to Europe. However, it’s not where the bulk of the Flying Pigeon e-bike production is destined to. Because that’s the domestic Chinese market where the company sales stands at about 150,000 units annually. Next to that the company sells about 20,000 e-bikes to its European customers.

‘History’ in e-bikes

This statement indicates the importance Flying Pigeon holds to its European business. Currently the company serves mainly customers in The Netherlands, France, Denmark and Switzerland; countries that have a ‘history’ in e-bikes.

Flying Pigeon has lots of experience with producing and designing e-bikes for European customers. The company offers a standard range that covers lots of price points between US$ 500 and 1,200 FOB.

More on the Tianjin Flying Pigeon Electric Bicycle Manufacture Co. Ltd is in Bike Europe’s June – July edition which will be available at July 1.

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