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Multi Million Chinese E-Bike Maker Enters Europe

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TIANJIN, China – The Bodo Electric Vehicle Group is exemplary for the Chinese e-bike industry which is annually producing over 30 million electric two-wheelers. The company wants to establish its own ‘Rank’ e-bike brand on the EU markets.

Multi Million Chinese E-Bike Maker Enters Europe
Next to OE based export Bodo wants to establish its own e-bike Rank. – Photo Bike Europe

Bodo is big. Nowadays, Bodo Electric Vehicle Group Inc. is a group of 16 manufacturing organizations with over 6,000 employees (including about 50 engineers in R&D) in manufacturing electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric 3-wheelers, electric cars and components. These components are electric motors, batteries, controllers, battery chargers, plastic body parts, alloy and steel frames for bikes as well as chassis frames for e-scooters.

Exactly how big Bodo is, sinks in when touring one of the company’s 4 manufacturing bases in China. These 4 are located in Tianjin, Wuxi, Guangzhou and Taizhou. By the way; a 5th was added last year in Anhui province where Bodo starts making electric cars. For electric two and three-wheelers the 4 manufacturing bases have a producing capability of 3 million electric vehicles.

Leading brand

The e-bikes and e-scooters the company exports – about 30,000 in 2013 – are very different compared to the models Bodo sells on its domestic market – over one million units last year. E-bikes destined for the domestic market are the typical Chinese styled ones. E-bikes destined for Europe, come in City/Touring, Trekking or MTB style. E-bikes destined for export to Europe are made at a special assembly line.

More on Bodo is in Bike Europe’s June – July edition which will be available at July 1.

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