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Always In Right Gear With Schaeffler’s Fag-Velomatic

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SCHWEINFURT, Germany – Whether going uphill, downhill, or on the flat, on a conventional bike, with a derailleur or hub gears, or on an e-bike, Schaeffler’s new Fag-Velomatic always calculates the optimum gear and the perfect shifting point based on the cadence, force, wheel speed, and gradient.

Always In Right Gear With Schaeffler’s Fag-Velomatic
Thanks to open standards, the Fag-Velomatic gearshift system is compatible with every type of bicycle and drive system. – Photo Schaeffler

Schaeffler will present this innovative automatic bicycle gearshift system at Eurobike. The Fag-Velomatic ensures excellent riding comfort with maximum flexibility. Thanks to open standards, this gearshift system is compatible with every type of bicycle and drive system. Cyclists can use the corresponding Velodaptic app to create customized shifting programs. Without shifting manually, the rider is always in the correct gear. The app also accompanies cyclists on the road and records the GPS, movement, and performance data.

Top-class riding comfort

The Fag-Velomatic determines the optimum shifting point in line with the riding conditions depending on the cadence, force, speed and uphill or downhill gradient. It operates the gear hub or derailleur quickly, easily and precisely. The smooth gearshift operation is hardly noticed by the rider. As reduced loads are put on the chain and hub gear premature wear is prevented.

The Fag-Velomatic completely replaces manual shifting. The rider can change from “automatic mode” to “manual mode” using the easy-to-use electric gearshift. The hold-to-run switch provides manual gear shifting for a sportier ride.

The communication module connects the Fag-Velomatic with the bike’s electric drive system or the bottom bracket sensor as well as the optionally available electric gearshift module and the rider’s smartphone. The standard wireless sensor networks are ANT+ and BLE, interconnection standards are CAN, CANopen or LIN.

The perfect combination

Cyclists can create individual shifting programs to suit their riding style in combination with the corresponding Velodaptic app. The app works with both tablets and smartphones. The rider can choose between daytime and night-time mode, depending on the conditions.

The app records the following data: speed, cadence, force, torque, uphill or downhill gradient, distance and GPS location in combination with a compass function.

More efficiency expands range

E-bikes require less electrical energy if the electric drive is operated at the optimum point of operation. The Fag-Velomatic comprises an electric linear drive with sensors. If features its own software which can communicate with all e-bike control systems. The e-bike drive operates at the most efficient operating point, requires less energy, and the range of the battery is significantly increased compared with conventional, mechanical gearshift applications.


Thanks to its narrow, extremely small and lightweight design (24 x 180 mm, weight approx. 200 g), the gearshift system can be fitted in the down tube or the seat tube and is not visible from the outside. The system is connected to the hub gear or derailleur via a short shifting cable. The system’s controller and bluetooth interface offer a large number of combinations, for example, with a smartphone, additional sensors, control elements and drives.

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