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Designers Present Themselves at Eurobike

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Two remarkable presentations today at Eurobike signal the growing importance of design in the bicycle industry. The Frenchman Philippe Starck and Italian Giugiaro Design both presented their vision on future bicycles and accessories.

Designers Present Themselves at Eurobike
Philippe Starck was asked by the French bicycle company Moustache to develop and all new e-bike line called M.A.S.S. – Photo Bike Europe

Philippe Starck was asked by the French bicycle company Moustache to develop and all new e-bike line called M.A.S.S. A bike lover and unconditional rider since childhood, Starck considers the bicycle one of the few creations of human intelligence to be so positive, constructive and beneficial. An adept of the minimal, the creator sees it as more than an object of mobility.

In harmony with human body

“The aim is to get more people cycling”, said Philippe Starck today at Eurobike. “The great thing about a bicycle is that its DNA incorporates the minimum and it is an elegant product. In my philosophy a product should be in harmony with the human body. The concept of tomorrow is to use less material. My contribution to this project was to look how we could use less material.”

During the project Philippe Starck found Giro Sport Design as development partner for his helmet as part of the accessories line. They re-invented the cycling head protection with an eco-sensitive helmet with a cork liner and a lightweight aluminium shell that can be easily recycled.

Gazelle Concept E-bike

Gazelle presented the start of its journey that will lead to the development of the e-bike of the future. “The project is unique because it is the first e-bike to combine internationally acclaimed top design and optimal Dutch cycling comfort,” said Gazelle CEO Jaap Merkus in his speech. As the project is still in an early phase, the concept bikes were revealed in a small, around the corner room of the Messe Friedrichshafen and all attendees had to hand in their photo camera’s.

Gazelle commissioned the renowned design studio Giugiaro Design to design a concept bike that would bring top-level, internationally recognized design and optimal Dutch cycling comfort into perfect harmony. Giugiaro Design is well known in the automotive industry and as such familiar with Gazelle’s owner Pon Holdings.

Futuristic, functional design

“Gazelle contributed our expertise in terms of comfort, practicality and quality which it has been developing over the past 122 years. Giugiaro Design took these ergonomic considerations as a starting point to create an e-bike with a futuristic, functional design.”

Nicola Guelfo, chief designer of Guigiaro Design: “This new e-bike perfectly integrates comfort and design. It is not merely the sum of various parts, but a completely balanced design. For example, the battery and motor are no longer just an add-on, but are incorporated into the frame.”

End of 2015, Gazelle will be launching its top design bike by Giugiaro in a very limited edition.

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