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Introducing lights and finishing kit for both MTB and e-bikes

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Parts and accesories specialist Herrmans is launching several new products for 2015, including lights and finishing kit for both mountain and e-bikes.

Introducing lights and finishing kit for both MTB and e-bikes

The Finnish company’s expanded range builds on new and existing lines and design innovations that enable OEMs, assemblers and after-market customers to dress their models from handle bar to drive-train.

Designed for MTB applications, Herrmans’ Grit Cork grips uses a two-ply design to improve comfort and reduce weight. A special cork composite overlays a harder inner core, with improved ergonomics thanks to varied thickness and Herrman’s diamond-shaped pattern.

The inner core is secured to the handlebar with Herrmans’ Gribbo locking system. The Grit Cork is available with a mini-bar that enables two riding positions, allowing riders to shift position. Herrmans H-Flow headlight system uses a dynamo to generate power and produces an optimized  pattern of light-distribution.

The long, wide and homogenous beam is easier on the eye, the company says, and more comfortable for the rider as a result. Complementing the unit’s modern look is Herrmans’ Air Flow cooling technology, which the company says enhances performance. It also extends the life of the 40 LUX, Stand light that is supplied to meet Germany’s StVZO standards for road use.

Made for use with second-generation Bosch Active Line and Performance Line, Herrmans B-SLYDE chain guard has a sleek modern design. Like the engines, which Bosch introduced in 2014, the B-SLYDE is available in two versions. These fixed model extends to 254 mm, while a telescopic version feature extends up to 367mm. Both B-Slyde models are made of durable, UV-resistant plastic the Herrmans says withstands climatic extremes both north and south.

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