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‘Not Just Another One’ Swiss Newcomer Launches E-Cruiser

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ZURICH, Switzerland – A new e-bike manufacturer called YouMe has popped-up from Switzerland. It wants to create a new e-bike category with a cool e-cruiser, combining the positive attributes of the bicycle, moped, and scooter.

‘Not Just Another One’ Swiss Newcomer Launches E-Cruiser
The YouMo is one of the very few aluminium bikes welded in Switzerland. - Photo Peter Hummel

It all started with the owner’s son, who wanted a cool e-bike but couldn’t find it on the market. Electrical engineer Knut Späte made an assessment of the needs for a new type of pedelec. The aim was to create a cult product with properties of both mopeds (lifestyle, tuning options) and scooters (range, comfort, storage space). Distinctiveness and driving pleasure as well as safety and quality were important aspects for Späte.

Along with logistic considerations, quality consciousness made Knut Späte decide to start with Swiss manufacturing. YouMo can offer short-lead times, while close to the market production is more important than a price advantage. Local companies in eastern Switzerland provide just-in-time delivery for the smallest series. This goes for the frame builder, the painter, the wheel manufacturer up to the engine supplier, the well-regarded GoSwissdrive. The assembly and office of YouMo are located in Rapperswil-Jona. Especially for an unconventional vehicle like the YouMo the ‘Swiss Made’ label creates reliability and trust. YouMo has one of the highest domestic added value of all Swiss made e-bikes.

Späte admits his exclusive and high quality product will be marketed between €2,950 and €4,470. It has slipped into a price category his initially intended target group can hardly afford. As he learned that other customer groups were also interested in his product, the company name behind YouMo was changed into ‘Your Mobility’. “We prefer retailers who really support the product rather that those who exhibit YouMo only as a ‘decorative addition to their assortment,” says marketing and sales manager Joël Kurz. YouMo will exhibit at Eurobike at the open air grounds East, Booth FG 211.

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