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Orbea 2015 Highlights

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Orbea will highlight two new road bikes on the Eurobike show, the seventh edition of road racing bike Orca and the new time-trial/triathlon bike Ordu.

Orbea 2015 Highlights

The new Orca has much cleaner esthetics than the previous versions, which is related to effort to shave off everything that is not necessary. The 900 grams frame was created with the focus on the ride quality, and for that they went deep in the research of how the bike performs under the rider’s weight.

The new Orca has a very strong bottom half (headtube, main tube, BB and chainstays) for optimum power transfer and number of flex areas on the top half that dampen the vibrations. The Ordu OME is all about speed. The bike has deep profiles with only 38 mm wide frontal area (with a 1-1/8-inch steerer).

The UCI approved monocoque frame is also lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. Orbea’s focus was also on the geometry and progressive sizing. The company calls this ‘evolution in fit’ and offers the bike in four sized, from XS to L, which should accommodate all riders.

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