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Samsung’s Vision on Future Cycling

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – In close cooperation with the Italian Maestro Academy electronics giant Samsung has developed a bicycle equipped with all possible electronic gadgets you could think of. The smart bike is equipped with lasers to project on the road so that the cyclist is clearly visible to other road users.

Samsung’s Vision on Future Cycling
Samsung has no plans to take this concept smart bike to the market. – Photo Samsung

All gadgets on this futuristic bike are controlled via an app on the rider’s smartphone which is placed on a magnetic mount at the center of the handlebar.

Rear-view Camera

Through an open source Arduino computer the bike makes contact with the smartphone. A rear-view camera in the seatpost allows the rider for example to watch real-time on the display of his smartphone who is riding behind him. He can also see who else is cycling in the area and of course all this information can be shared via social media.

No market entry

Samsung has no intention to take this smart bike on the market, but this video shows how popular this bike could possibly be as technological ingenuity and design is a popular combination.

Obviously, the smartphone plays a major role in this concept bike. Samsung is not the only company integrating bikes with smartphones. At the upcoming Eurobike, which takes place from August 27 – 30, more companies will present smartphone applications, particularly for e-bikes.

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