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Shimano Europe Rolls Out New Service Center Concept

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NUNSPEET, the Netherlands – In close cooperation with its sales offices and distributors, Shimano Europe has renewed its Service Center concept. “We want to raise the IBD’s added value and distinctiveness by improving customer satisfaction and increase traffic to the stores,” Shimano Europe says in a press release.

Shimano Europe Rolls Out New Service Center Concept
“The new Shimano Service Center concept is based on three key elements; service, availability and experience.” – Photo Shimano

“The new Shimano Service Center concept is based on three key elements; service, availability and experience. We want to offer the finest shopping experience possible to all cycling consumers.”

Shimano Europe continues: “Gained from trainings, workshops and presentations, the Shimano Service Centers are capable of providing the best possible service to its customers. They offer excellent maintenance and repairs; every cyclist is guaranteed to get reliable instructions on Shimano products and technologies. The Shimano Service Centers also have access to the online Shimano Communication System, which enables to decide on warranty issue quickly.”

Shopping experience

Based on the shop, each Shimano Service Center is advised which Shimano products and spare parts to keep on stock so each consumer will be assured of the availability of latest Shimano products and technologies improving the overall shopping experience.

For Shimano it is crucial that dealers have all the knowledge about the Shimano products and technologies. Therefore, Shimano offers its Shimano Service Centers exclusive trainings, workshops and presentations, including an e-learning program, called Shimano-T.E.C.

Original Shimano products

Consumers can expect professional service, maintenance and reliable technical advice from the Shimano Service Center because of continuously trained and qualified staff. The Shimano Service Centers offer a wide range of original Shimano products and spare parts and the possibility to test its latest technologies and innovations.

Dealers who join the European Shimano Service Centre network can benefit from traffic generation through dedicated marketing activities, training programs, distribution of the latest Shimano products and additional sales support systems.

More on Shimano’s new Service Center concept is in Bike Europe’s August edition that is available online now at:

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