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Shimano Premiers Groupset for Urban Sports Bikes

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Usually all Shimano news has been announced long before Eurobike. Not this time. A real world premier is on the Shimano booth; a groupset called Metrea which is targeting a complete new bike category.

Shimano Premiers Groupset for Urban Sports Bikes
Shimano presents the Metrea groupset targeting a new bike category called Urban Sports Bikes. – Photo Bike Europe

In these days of e-bike dominance it’s a kind of relief to see something that could breath new life into ‘regular’ bikes. And such ‘new life’ is even going so far that Shimano intends to initiate a complete new bike category called Urban Sports Bikes (USB).

USB bikes are linked to the fixies scene. However, Metrea has to appeal to a much broader audience.

Latest from race and MTB

Urban Sports Bikes are best described as ultra slim Hybrids like fixies. For these USB bikes Shimano developed that incorporates the latest from race and MTB. Like 11 speed and unique dual control levers for city use. Flat mount disc brakes are there as well as special cranksets. The Metrea Urban Sports Bikes also offer concealed cable routing.

MY 2016

It will take a while  before the first Urban Sports Bikes are included in the ranges of the bike brands. Metrea is a groupset for USB Bikes of ModelYear 2016. Pricing will be at 105 level which means that (depending on the frame) Metrea fitted Urban Sports Bikes will retail for between 1,000 and 1,200 euro.

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