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Top Designers Getting Involved in (E)-Bike Business

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Is it the result of more money going around now in the bike business as sales of electric bicycles are growing? Or has it to do with the future expectations for e-bikes? Fact is that top designers are stepping into the bike business as Eurobike will show.

Top Designers Getting Involved in (E)-Bike Business
Part of the Gazelle concept e-bike designed by Giugiaro – Photo Gazelle

Philippe Starck and Giugiaro Design are the top designers that are showing at this year’s Eurobike what they are capable of with regard to bikes. From furniture, smart phones, boats to buildings; creator, architect and designer Philippe Starck is now also stepping into bicycles and e-bikes in particular.

The upcoming Eurobike (27 – 30 August in Friedrichshafen) will see the official launch of the first collection of e-bikes by Starckbikes and Moustache bikes.

Royal Dutch Gazelle is joining forces with world-famous Giugiaro Design. Holland’s biggest bike maker will be presenting a Gazelle concept e-bike which is styled by Giugiaro. This creation will not be on display at the Gazelle booth in Eurobike; journalists will be offered a preview of what Gazelle calls ‘a spectacular concept e-bike’.

The designs by Philippe Starck and Giugiaro will be presented at press launches during the first Eurobike show day on August 27.

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