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Dutch Gazelle Fights Online Price Dumping

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Gazelle announced that it will uphold its dealers to the condition in its contract with respect to the name of their webshop domain name (URL).

Dutch Gazelle Fights Online Price Dumping
The decision to uphold its dealer to this condition was presented last week at the Gazelle Experience Center. - Photo Royal Gazelle

From 1st of July 2015 onwards Gazelle will hold its dealers to the conditions in their contract that the URL of the webshop has to be the same as the store-name.

Gazelle mentions that upholding the omni channel condition is an important step in promoting service, craftmanship and brand experience. It concludes that webshops with different URLs can damage its brand image.

Gazelle points out that it wants to creates optimal conditions for a strong and professional dealer network and in return expects commitment from its dealers for the strategy it launched end of 2013.

Omnichannel has the future

Gazelle points out that the combination of online and offline sales channel is a necessity for the future of retailing. The Dutch bicycle manufacturer sees the stricter looking  after of the conditions as an ultimate step in supporting the dealer channel.

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