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Gazelle Develops Front-Wheel System with Panasonic

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DIEREN, the Netherlands – In cooperation with Royal Dutch Gazelle, e-bike component manufacturer Panasonic developed an exclusive front-wheel system. The well-known Orange and Chamonix models are both equipped with this front-wheel system and will be available on the market from mid-September.

Gazelle Develops Front-Wheel System with Panasonic
The Gazelle Orange and Chamonix models are both equipped with Panasonic’s new front-wheel e-bike system. – Photo Gazelle

“Panasonic has over twenty years of experience with e-bikes and is therefore the perfect partner for us”, says the Dutch company in a press release. Gazelle’s quality combined with Panasonic’s proven technology results in a robust system with a choice of battery packs. The e-bikes featuring the Panasonic system are reliable and stylish while maintaining the looks of a normal bicycle. They are also equipped with hand-grip operation and Walk Assist.

The new e-bikes have been extensively tested by consumers in recent months. Their feedback resulted in the finer tuning of the models’ three power settings: eco, normal and sport.

Best choice for flat terrain

Ferdi Ertekin, Marketing Manager at Royal Dutch Gazelle, on the front-wheel system: “The front-wheel motor has a number of important advantages over other systems. This type of motor is quieter, fits better in a bicycle’s design, has the ability to free-wheel and is easy to maintain. That is why the front-wheel motor is often the best choice for flat terrain.”

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