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Global Bike and P&A Sales Grows by 3%

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PARIS, France – The 9th edition of a survey initiated in 2005 into the size of the global sports market indicates that sales of bicycles (all types) as well as P&A scored a 3% growth in 2013.

Global Bike and P&A Sales Grows by 3%
Retail sales (VAT included) of bikes and related parts en accessories grew 3% to € 36 billion in 2013. – Photo Chris Keam

Based on consumer tracking, statistical projections and its industry expertise, market researcher NPD Group Inc. determined the size of the 2013 global sport market at € 277 billion or US$ 367 billion. This figure represents retail sell-out sales, VAT included, and is up by 5% compared to the 2012 total.

By categories

Breaking the total down into categories the NPD survey shows that footwear & apparel scored the biggest growth; a plus of 6% to € 169 billion. Sports equipment was up 3% to € 72 billion. Bikes and related parts en accessories grew 3% to € 36 billion.

By countries

Like in 2012, China and the United States are the two major contributors to growth. As a result, the two countries are widening the gap with other countries. Brazil, India, Canada, Japan, South Korea are the next 5 countries contributing to the global growth of the sport market. Japan, despite knowing growth in 2013, has lost relative importance against other markets due to the depreciation of the Yen by -18% against the US dollar in 2013. The ranking of the five biggest sports markets is as follows: US (€ 75 billion); China (€ 24 bn); Japan (€ 14.5 bn); Brazil (€ 12.5 bn) and Germany (€ 12.4 bn).

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