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Sparta Sells 1st Thousand S-Pedelecs

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – The Dutch market is taking to the speed-pedelec very quickly. Market leader Sparta, part of the Accell Group has already sold more than 1,000 units on its home market, the Netherlands.

Sparta Sells 1st Thousand S-Pedelecs
The speed-pedelec market made a quick start this year in the Netherlands. - Photo Stromer

Official statistics indicate that up until September 1,000 (967) Sparta speed-Pedelecs license plates have been issued. Meanwhile, this figure should have grown to over 1,000.

Traffic regulation requires the same kind of registration and license plate for mopeds and speed-pedelecs. In the Netherlands the vehicle registration and publication of the statistics including the speed-pedelecs, is handled by the VWE.

Riese & Müller

The number two best-selling brand in terms of speed-pedelecs is Riese & Müller, with 509 registered vehicles until September. Another top selling speed-pedelec is the Swiss made and BMC branded Stromer. From January till September this speed-pedelec specialist sold 148 units in the Netherlands.

Growth market

Sparta, Riese & Müller and Stromer together have sold and registered a total of 1,600 speed-pedelecs during the first three quarters of this year. This means that the total market volume will come close to 2,000 units for the whole of 2014. Speed-pedelecs sales have made a great start in their first year. The outlook for 2015 looks even better, as many more brands will enter this growth market.

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