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Bulgarian and Romanian OEMs In Positive Mood

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SOFIA, Bulgaria/BUCHAREST, Romania – Over 1.1 million bikes for the EU28 countries are produced in Bulgaria and Romania, making both countries the bicycles factories for Europe. The atmosphere among the manufacturers is positive.

Bulgarian and Romanian OEMs In Positive Mood

The bicycle manufacturers have every reason to believe that production will grow again, although the export figures for 2013 are lower than in 2012, which is a reflection of the smaller consumption across the Union. Bulgaria exported over 676,000 units, just over 10% less than in 2012. The value is also down, but at over € 82 million it still plays an important part in the nation’s economy.

Bulgaria Bicycle Export 2013

Country Units Value*
Germany 193,834 31.3
France 122,112 11.5
Belgium 70,301 8.8
Greece 68,543 5.3
Austria 33,560 4.2
Total 676,091 82,4

Source: Eurostat; * in million euros

Reports from the Bulgarian companies tell us that there is a small increase in the production, which can only mean that the Bulgarians rely heavily on the domestic brands. The main export partner is still Germany with over 193,000 units, France is still second, but 122,000 units is much less than one year before. Over 95% of all bikes are exported to the EU28; most of the remaining 5% went to the rest of Europe.


Romania’s exports are down almost 11%, similar to Bulgaria. Belgium imported over 300,000 Romanian bikes in 2012, but in 2013 only 130,000. Germany was very close to 200,000 units in 2012, and dropped to under 130,000 in 2013. Manufacturers had to find new customers and they did find them in France, which is now their third most important partner. Exports to Spain and Italy have also grown significantly. Romania’s local market relies more on imports than on domestic brands. In 2013 86,651 bikes were imported, of which 30,000 came from Hungary, 12,000 from Bulgaria, and almost 11,000 from Bangladesh. The average price shows that most of these bikes are entry-level models.

Romania Bicycle Export 2013

Country Units Value*
Belgium 129,964 12.7
Germany 128,745 15.98
France 116.099 15.97
Spain 25,195 2.9
Italy 23,517 2.8
Total 480,902 56.37

Source: Eurostat; * in million euros

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